We are a company with a history of 6 years, founded in 2009. During this time, which is not that short after all, we have gained rich and versatile experience and knowledge. Our employees have experience in the making of solid glass structures since 1996.

We deal with development of tempered glass and solid glass designs and structures, delivery and installation. The key elements of our product portfolio are solid glass and tempered glass structures, glass roofs, glass walls, glass doors, sliding glass doors, glass floors, glass fittings, glass kitchen panels, glass handrails, handrail fittings, glass shower cubicles, glass bath walls, glass panels for lifts, glass panels for balconies and sunrooms, sliding glass doors, spider systems, and other glass products.

For many years, we have been cooperating with and representing manufacturers and suppliers of fittings from such countries as Singapore, Italy, Poland, India, the United Kingdom, and from such companies as CDA, P&M. Due to this long-term cooperation, we successfully make and supply structural elements not only within the Baltic States, but also to other European markets. Our wide range of material suppliers guarantees a diverse choice of materials, high quality, and reasonable prices.

We have managed to establish, develop, and improve our individual approach to our customers. Our responsive employees offer a full range of services, including gathering information about the customer's preferences, provision of consultancy services, design development, and implementation of turnkey projects.

A good quality and cooperation indicator we can mention is the fact that the services offered by our company are used by many other firms dealing with the production of glass structures.

Looking forward to meeting you with new challenges!